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SGC Members

Sentencing Guidelines Commission Members

The Sentencing Guidelines Commission consists of 25 voting members, 20 of whom are appointed by the Governor for three-year terms, including:

  • four Superior Court judges
  • two county prosecuting attorneys
  • two defense attorneys
  • one sheriff or police chief
  • one juvenile court administrator
  • one elected county official
  • one elected city official
  • five citizens (including one victim/victims’ advocate, one victim of crime, and one formerly incarcerated in the state correctional system)
  • one representative of tribal interests
  • one behavior health professional with experience in the criminal justice system
  • one academic with expertise in the field of criminology or sociology

The other five voting members serve in an ex officio capacity, by virtue of their positions in state government, including:

Secretary, Department of Corrections
Assistant Secretary of Department of Children, Youth, and Families – Juvenile Rehabilitation
Chair, Indeterminate Sentence Review Board
Director, Office of Financial Management and Chair, Minority and Justice Commission

In addition, four legislators serve on the Commission as non-voting members, two appointed by the President of the Senate and two appointed by the Speaker of the House, with one from each party in each house.

Current Membership

The Honorable J. Wesley Saint Clair (Ret.), Chair
Citizen Representative
The Honorable Karen Donohue
King County Superior Court Judge
The Honorable Jeffrey Swan
Yakima County Superior Court Judge
The Honorable Claire Wilson
Washington State Senator
Washington State Senator
To be filled
Jon Tunheim
Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney
The Honorable Sharonda Amamilo
Thurston County Superior Court Judge
Commissioner Tye Menser
Thurston County Commission
Norris "Norrie" Gregoire
Walla Walla County Director of Corrections
Kimberly Gordon
Attorney at Law
Marc Baldwin
Office of Financial Management Designee
Jennifer Albright
Citizen Representative

The Honorable Veronica Galvan
Co-Chair, Minority and Justice Commission
DCYF - Juvenile Rehabilitation
To be filled
The Honorable Gina Mosbrucker
Washington State Representative
The Honorable Tarra Simmons
Washington State Representative
Tony Golik
Clark County Prosecuting Attorney
Greg Link
Director, Washington Appellate Project
Chief Law Enforcement Officer
To be filled
Cheryl Strange
Secretary, Department of Corrections
Kecia Rongen
Chair, Indeterminate Sentence Review Board
Tim Wettack
Citizen Representative
Gina Cardenas
Citizen Representative - Victim/Victim Advocate
City Government Elected Official
To be filled

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